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About US

Coffee & Caddis is a gathering place devoted to the arts of coffee and of fishing, and the stories that both art forms inspire. Stories that flow over rivers or across breakfast tables and bring hearts together.

Many, it seems, are drawn to fishing for its quiet graces. The rush of river’s song, the purity of the air, the beauty of light reflected on water– these are the subtle attractions that speak to the soul. There is a quiet satisfaction to be found in tying a line or casting a fly, especially when such activities are poised against the complexities of everyday life. To the fisherman, the river is a refuge. Wading into the water at the break of dawn or at the onset of evening, he can occasionally recover a more restful rhythm. If only for a moment, all that seems to exist is himself, his Creator, and a simple hope for a fish.

Of course, fishing is not simply idyllic; not all halcyon river days. Any fisherman can sympathize with the Gospel’s account of Peter, James, and John, and the fitful night they toiled without catch. Art is forever and indelibly linked with pain. At times we are mesmerized by the skill of a dry fly fisherman—his touch, his lightness, the way his line moves as if choreographed to the cadence of an unheard dance. But this is only seeming effortlessness. From such mastery we should intuit years of discipline, frequent disappointment, and unwavering devotion to his craft.

Likewise, a beautiful cup of coffee, like all art forms, only appears simplistic. For many of us, it’s one of the first gifts of the day—a simple thing we look forward to and love to savor. Lovers of coffee love all the attendant gestures surrounding the coffee-making: grinding the beans, unfolding the edges of a filter, and letting water come to a boil in a little kettle. Then watching coffee bloom by way of an elegant pour-over or savoring the Italianate drama and of an espresso machine.

Yet so many variables go into crafting a set-apart coffee— especially a Coffee & Caddis cup. Our partnership with Eiland Coffee Roasters yields pure, single origin coffees that are exquisite to experience. Our coffee engages in an intricate choreography of elements including sourcing, producing, roasting, crafting, and delivering with kindness. From the pre-dawn work of picking coffee cherries to the delicate touch of the roasters; from the skill level of the barista to the warmth with which a cup is served, our process envelops and embraces integrity at every stage. The path to excellence is composed of individual steps, and every step of our process matters—deeply. But in the end, of course, you won’t perceive this effort—our coffee won’t feel like work. It will feel like art. Fragrant, transporting, and simply beautiful.

Our hope is that, at Coffee & Caddis, you can feel the sense of refuge and retreat that you do on the river—the blessed sense of finding home. And yet we want something even more—a place that fosters community and fellowship. A place where you can practice casting techniques outside or reflect on river days inside, over a cappuccino. A place where young and old work on tying flies, and rediscover the art of living slowly, richly, and well. Here, you can reminisce about the past and dream of future excursions; trade stories and create new ones.

“At the time,” writes Norman Maclean in A River Runs Through It, “I did not know that stories of life are often more like rivers than books.” We hope that Coffee & Caddis becomes a poignant part of the story of your life’s unfolding. Looking back on life’s simple pleasures and happy times, we hope you’ll remember the friends you met here—the times you shared at breakfast before a weekend fishing trip, or on the river with a thermos of our coffee.