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About Our SHOP

Our fly-fishing shop offers everything you need to enrich your fishing experience: the best gear, accessories, and education for every level of experience. Whether you long for a laidback weekend with friends or an invigorating encounter with a challenging river, we have the resources to help. This shop was clearly composed by avid fly-fishers with rich insight into the art of fishing. As ever, we approach fishing as a craft that requires precision, patience, practice, and devotion. We offer these resources in the belief that fishing is an art form, and every artist needs great tools.


But the fly-fishing shop is so much more than the sum of its parts– the sophisticated gear and cool accessories. We love to hear from our customers and listen to the stories they draw from the river, the lessons they learn in solitude or friendship with other fishers. Oftentimes, the most beautiful stories happen organically in our shop, as fishers come in simply to talk and recount their experiences. Our fly-fishing shop inspires some of the best stories on our blog and the fuel for our ongoing mission.

There is something elemental about our connection with the river, something powerful and essential about man working in tandem with nature. We love to foster this connection in our clients, encouraging them to realize their inherent capability and full potential. The river breeds hardy, strong people, and it also speaks, deeply, to the soul. It’s a place that poignantly symbolizes time flowing into eternity and mirrors the unpredictable nature of life. Its swiftness reminds us of the power and suddenness of grace, and its stillness the peace we feel in the presence of quiet waters. We hope you experience both the river’s strength and its grace, and we hope our fly-fishing store provides the essentials you need to go deeper into these elemental lessons.

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