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Fine Wine, Craft Beer, and Texas Bourbon

Coffee and Caddis is pleased to bring our signature artistry and exactitude to craft wine, beer, and Texas-made bourbon. Inspired by long river days and conversations over campfire, these drinks pair perfectly with fly fishing stories and everyday conversations. Guests will love to flock to our coffee shop after work, where they can mellow out over a craft beer or beautiful glass of wine. The fly shop, meanwhile, has an incredible tendency to inspire fishing stories; as clients and fly guides reminisce about the river, it only feels natural to add a glass of good ol’ Texas bourbon to the equation. These moments emulate the ease and peaceful cadence of a river evening with friends, enjoying easy conversation over a drink as you take in a beautiful sunset. 

Our drink offerings help us realize our vision of creating a dynamic atmosphere where likeminded people can trade stories, impart wisdom, and savor a good life. As always, we are devoted to exploring the full potential of these drinks and delivering an experience that’s nothing short of art. We care, down to the individual coffee cherry, hop flower, grain, and wine grape. Each drink is designed to awaken your senses, excite your palate, and is perfectly poised to pair with good stories.