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Coffee House

Coffee as an art form

Coffee and fly-fishing are perhaps not the most intuitive of pairings—that is, until you experience Coffee & Caddis. Although you may not expect to find a fly-fishing shop adjacent to a coffeehouse, the two nevertheless create a captivating harmony. How natural it is to plan an outdoor adventure over coffee or reminisce with others about the previous weekend’s fly-fishing trip. So complete is the experience, that it may feel as though it could not have been designed any other way. How could you ever again shop for fly-fishing accessories without the promise of a cappuccino afterwards? How could you be content to go for coffee without dreaming of your next outdoor adventure? Coffee plays up the charms of Caddis, and Caddis adds an unexplored dimension to coffee, all in one beautifully blended experience.

And about the coffee. It’s what you always hoped your morning coffee would be like—and yet better than you imagined. We treat our coffees as art because we are mindful of your experience. You walk into our shop expecting a pick-me-up, and receive something more—on savoring our coffee, you have an encounter with art.


Coffee & Caddis combines the sense of refuge that we associate with the river with a vibrant community, creating a beguiling synthesis of emotional experiences. The tranquil elegance of our coffee shop soothes your senses; you could as easily find an hour of solitude here as you could by quiet waters. Yet oftentimes the atmosphere pulses with energy, as fly fishers congregate before heading out to the river or return with stories from their excursions. Of course, you don’t have to be into fly-fishing to respond to Coffee & Caddis: there’s so much to appreciate in our beautiful aesthetic, exquisitely attuned attention to detail, and devotion to service. We try to distill the purpose and story of Coffee & Caddis into something as small as a cup of coffee—and as vast as a connection with nature and adventure.

Our hope is that the moment you taste this coffee, you are transported. An Ethiopian coffee, redolent with notes of jasmine flower and bergamot, evokes the lushness and fragrance of a night garden, whose flowers bloom to the light of the moon. The brilliant, citrus flavors of a Kenyan coffee fill your inner world with sunshine and luster. You feel revitalized, refreshed, and maybe even moved. Who, after all, comes for a coffee expecting poetry? And yet we design ours to immerse and awaken your senses so that you can embrace the adventure of each day. Whether yours takes you to the river, the office, or anywhere in-between, we supply the fuel for your experience.

Our coffee yields exquisite, single-origin coffees. Every aspect, from the farming partnerships to the roasting process, is deeply considered. Coffee this fine involves delicate, exacting work from bean to machine, and no measure is too great for us. This is coffee to get stoked over— cool coffee for dynamic, outdoors people. And it is coffee for lovers of art and beauty—coffee to really savor and experience. Whether you want beauty that nourishes deep within or a caffeine high that energizes you for life’s adventures, this is that coffee.

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